Landowners and corporates can sell and buy all types of carbon through the DGC platform.

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DGC’s platform allows landowners to assess their carbon-sequestration potential – from any source – and upload their prospective or verified carbon for sale; and enables corporate offsetters to partner with carbon sinks and track their carbon capture.

Only by developing innovative approaches and taking targeted action can entities meet today’s seemingly incompatible goals of reducing emissions while satisfying increasing energy demands.


Registering, measuring, recording
and verifying

Once an initial automated assessment has been approved, DGC connects the landowner with DGC’s affiliated soil experts who will verify the survey responses and initiate baseline testing.

Landowners can sell all types of carbon through the DGC platform, including hedgerow, forestry, soil, peat and even blue carbon. Measurements are taken at various intervals and an interactive platform enables landowners (sellers) to upload and review sequestration data and buyers to view carbon available.

  1. Soil Biology and chemistry tests
  2. Satellite and laboratory reports
  3. Digital twin representation
  4. Certified DarkGreen Carbon Credits

Unique carbon-tracking software reduces the cost of verification and we are harnessing machine learning / AI to develop a digital twin of each carbon sink, enabling better prediction of carbon sequestration.

Information gathered from observations of the land and from laboratories is uploaded to a platform that interfaces with the carbon tracker and the blockchain to produce a tamper-proof record of the measurements and validation. This means that if, in future, different methods of measuring become available they will be added to the verification and original data will not be replaced.

Platform extensions

As well as bilateral transactions, the DGC platform is able to fractionalize carbon, either to a small division of a project, or to divide a tonne of carbon into smaller parts. This will have application in the food and drinks industry where packaging will soon be required to display the carbon footprint of an item along with sugar and fat contents. By fractionalizing a tonne of carbon DGC will be able to provide consumers with the reassurance that every item marked with a traceable QR style code is carbon neutral.

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