Beyond reduction
to removal: transparent,
robust, secure.

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DarkGreen Carbon (DCG) is a premium carbon marketplace that supports and incentivises the active reduction of atmospheric carbon by connecting companies targeting net zero with climate-positive landowners and farmers who want to monetise carbon-insetting activities.

Where previous carbon initiatives have foundered on a lack of transparency, DGC has prioritised independent scientific verification of carbon insets and certification of carbon transactions via the blockchain.

Why? Because it’s important to us. In the face of accelerating climate change, we recognise that carbon markets need to work – they need to get better so that companies, investors and consumers trust them.

So, we set out to build a better model.

DGC is the only end-to-end carbon solution, delivering premium carbon offsetting while also supporting and incentivising land practices that accelerate and amplify carbon uptake.

Our Mission

  1. Our mission is to help reverse the climate crisis
  2. We believe establishing an effective, trusted carbon market is an essential step towards achieving this
  3. We will focus on transparent, scientifically verifiable carbon capture certified on a robust, user-friendly platform with transactions recorded on the blockchain
  4. We will promote, support and advocate for regenerative agriculture and land management as the most effective means of removing carbon from the atmosphere

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