Bringing trust and independent
verification to the carbon market

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DarkGreen Carbon (DGC) is a premium end-to-end carbon removal solution. We’re supporting net-zero commitments and decarbonisation plans through a climate-positive, secure marketplace, and providing landowners with the incentive and the expertise to do more.

For carbon markets to work effectively, they have to be both robust and trustworthy. That’s what has been missing from earlier carbon markets, and it’s what DGC now brings to the party. DGC’s platform enables corporates together with landowners to offset emissions against premium, scientifically measured, independently verified carbon insets.

We focus on supporting climate-friendly land-management practices that accelerate and amplify carbon draw down year after year and deliver downstream benefits to soil quality and resilience, biodiversity, as well as water management and quality. At the same time, DGC emphasises scientific verification of carbon capture and blockchain recording of transactions – providing the essential certainty that corporates need to report their climate-positive story with confidence.




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DGC makes carbon removal straightforward

  1. Recruits farmers and landowners to sequester carbon
  2. Applies recognised measuring, recording and verification standards
  3. Proprietary carbon-tracking software assures integrity
  4. Certified carbon transactions
  5. Blockchain integration and visibility

How DarkGreen Carbon works

Farmers remove the carbon

By using sustainable farming practices, farmers remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it in their soil.

Verifiers Audit Carbon Removal

Carbon removals are quantified and verified by an independent third party before being listed in the marketplace.

Buyers pay for removals

Buyers pay the farmer for ownership of their carbon removals, and receive a DGC certificate to prove it.

Reversing climate change will require $100bn carbon offset market.

Mark Carney

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